Honeywell 5020 Gas Regulator

The 5020 has a top-entry design with fewer internal parts which keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. Perfect for demanding applications. The innovative, pilot-operated regulator provides safe, precise and controlled outlet pressure reduction. It delivers excellent accuracy over a wide operating range while offering a quick response time for the changing demands of industrial applications. The pressure-balanced double diaphragm pilot provides high stability. If required, the outlet pressure range can easily be changed by replacing the set-point spring.

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  • Optimized flow characteristics – Up to 38% higher capacity vs. best alternative technology
  • High sensitivity and accuracy
  • Precise control of set outlet pressure
  • Ability to handle flow rate variations
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low differential pressure requirements
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Type ZSC has double diaphragms which decouples control pressure and pilot outlet pressure giving accurate control. It is designed for applications where a secondary control pressure is used to operate the main valve.

60 Series

Fast, accurate, and stable Pressure Control, improving the performance of all types of Flexible Element Valves. All 60Series Pilots are rated for an Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of 1480 PSIG. (Class 600 Natural Gas Service)


Type Z

Type Z pilot has a single diaphragm and controls its own output pressure. It is used for maintaining the inlet pressure for a control pilot. This reduces the inlet pressure dependency of the control system and is especially recommended for installations where large pressure reductions are required, and where there is a considerable variation in the inlet pressure.