A+ Corporation
Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sample Systems

Each Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sample System is designed to meet specific application needs; ensuring sample integrity is maintained throughout the sample extraction and preconditioning process. A+ Corporation offers a line of custom-engineered, modular sample systems. Our Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sampling Systems (ACES) combines our industry-leading sample extraction conditioning components with over three decades of problem-solving expertise. The result is a custom, tailored sample system that will give you the most accurate and reliable analysis for your process. A+ is recognized throughout the industry for expertise in helping customers find solutions to even the most complex sample conditioning system problems.

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Global Power Technologies
Model P-5050 Thermoelectric Generator

Global Power Technologies (GPT) is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs), providing the most reliable source of unattended off-grid power available on the market today.

Featuring a solid-state design (no moving parts) TEGs are built to work in the most challenging environments on Earth. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions, day or night… they just work. Individual TEGs can provide power from 5W to 500W, and TEGs can be integrated to provide more power in multi-TEG modular solutions. GPT offers TEGs for general area and hazardous location operations.

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YZ Systems
ZEO Zero-Emission Natural Gas Odorization System

Our new ZEO is the next generation of natural gas odorization systems. The ZEO system provides all of the advantages of YZ’s NJEX odorant injection systems in a simple, compact design without any methane emissions during normal operation. The zero-emission design consolidates the NJEX design, incorporates the proven mROY electric pump, and is controlled by the new N400 controller.

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Natural Gas Chromatograph 8206

The NGC 8200 series represents the most rugged, economical, versatile, and high-precision on-line gas chromatographs in the industry. Designed with flow computer and chromatograph capabilities for energy metering, the NGC 8200 series provides not only best-in-class, on-site analysis, but also offers a highly versatile platform that integrates many of the functions you need to deliver greater productivity.

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DewPort™ is a portable hydrocarbon and water dew point analyzer.  It is analogous to the manual chilled mirror, except that the human eye is replaced by a state-of-the-art infra-Red sensing mechanism to detect the onset of the condensation and analyze the nature of the condensate.  The cooling system in a manual system needs compressed gas, but it has been replaced with electronic cooling in DewPort™.

DewPort™ provides a first-principle chilled mirror measurement that is the standard for such measurement and complies with ASTM D1142, ISO 6327, and ISO/TR 11150


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