Humidisorb + X-Corrode

Providing protection for enclosures and equipment against damage from relative humidity and corrosion!

Moisture and Corrosion Control Packets provide the best protection against damage from relative humidity and corrosion for any enclosure or piece of equipment that is operating, in transit, or in storage. Humidisorb is a self-regenerating desiccant that can absorb and release enormous quantities of moisture from surrounding air without becoming saturatedX-Corrode provides protection against airborne contaminants that cause corrosion, such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2 S), Chlorine (Cl 2 ), and salts. The X-Corrode formula provides a durable passivation on the surface of circuit component metals; other metals, such as aluminum and steel that may be present in an enclosure, are also passivated, but to a smaller degree.


  • Electronic and mechanical enclosures
  • Transmitter housings
  • Equipment cases
  • Field mounted equipment
  • Stored equipment
  • Goods during shipment
  • Moisture sensitive products
  • Computers
  • Paper goods



  • Self-regenerating
  • Five to ten times greater moisture absorbing capacity than ordinary desiccants such as silica gel
  • Effective in frequently opened enclosures
  • Self-adhesive tape included in bag for optional use
  • High dielectric strength
  • Non-toxic

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