K2 is a proud distributor of A+ Corporation and its complete line of products. 

The Genie® Model JTR™ and JTR-H™ are specifically designed for gas analytical systems. The
JTR-H™ prevents condensation of the sample gas from occurring as a result of Joule-Thomson (JT)
cooling during the pressure reduction process of high pressure and high dew point gases or due to low
operating or ambient temperatures.

It is important to note that some applications will require additional heat to be applied before pressure
regulation. For assistance in determining heating and pressure regulation requirements, please contact us.


Genie® Single Stage Regulator

Genie® Pressure Regulator

  Data Sheet | Manual

 Genie® Heated Regulator Regulator

 Visual Aid | Data Sheet 


JTR-Joule Thomson Regulator

JTR – Joule Thomson Regulator

Visual Aid | Data Sheet |Manual


JTR-H – Heated Joule Thomson Regulator

 Visual Aid | Data Sheet | Manual


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