Axel Semrau

Specializing in odorant control for more than 20 years now, they offer easy-to-use hand-held measuring instruments for the fast and easy measurement of THT or mercaptans, as well as a more sensitive chromatograph capable of detecting individual sulfur components and odorant levels.

Honeywell-Mercury Instruments

A market leader in electronic volume correction, pressure monitoring, and communications. The relationship with Honeywell now provides an opportunity to meet Regulation needs and rotarty metering.


Provides next generation diagnostic tools for the energy production and transport industry, with an emphasis on the Natural Gas Industry. They are committed to developing and commercializing products that help our customers reduce operation costs, safegaurd their equipment, and improve stewardship of the environment. ZEGAZ Instruments’ water and hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzers are the most advanced dewpoint measurement systems available. They are based on breakthrough CEIRS™ infrared technology to accurately and unambiguously determine the dewpoint of hydrocarbon gas streams at pressures up to 1500psi. These systems can distinguish between hydrocarbon dewpoints and water condensation. ZEGAZ Instruments’ analyzers do not need field calibration and will retain their factory calibration under normal operating conditions. It also does not need any field adjustments as the measurements are done based on a very accurate detection of the condensation process and the nature of the condensate.