K2 is a proud distributor of A+ Corporation and its complete line of products. A+ pioneered the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect analyzers in both gas and liquid streams with their Genie Membrane Separators.

The Avenger™ Series Filters provide sample conditioning and analyzer protection by using a disposable filter element to remove solids and liquid droplets from gas sample streams. Genie® Membrane Technology™ with Liquid Block™. These filters will remove 100% of entrained liquid, including aerosols, from the sample stream. The Liquid Block™ will completely valve off flow through the membrane to prevent liquid break-through from occurring in the presence of excess liquid. The Avenger™  sample filters are easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets. The uniquely designed filter housing allows service to the filter element/ membrane by simply removing the bowl without disassembling fittings

Avenger™ 91 Coalescing and Particulate Filters 

Data Sheet |Manual

Avenger™ 33M Series Filters

 Data Sheet | Manual

Avenger™ 38M Series Filters

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