YZ Systems

While their priority is keeping families safe, YZ Systems leads the industry with the highest quality and most innovative odorization and sampling products. They serve the market with samplers for crude, light liquids, and gases, and lead the odorization market with products for high and low volumes that produce results.

Arkema Odor-Tech

Since 1994, Odor-Tech has grown to be one of the largest and most diverse suppliers and transporters of natural gas and propane odorants in North America with an extensive fleet of pressure returnable cylinders and 150 PSIG-rated delivery trucks. They maintain a fleet of 150 PSIG-rated delivery trucks designed to meet the needs of any delivery. Their tank trucks can deliver any gas odorant load from 250 gallons to 6,000 gallons (Bobtail trucks from 250 to 3000 gallons, Large bulk trailer trucks up to 6000 gallons).